OOTSSOERAAAP has new badges.

My badges:


Pretty sure one should explain why these have not been earned rather than explaining how they are earned.


I think the following video demonstrates the above fairly well.


Not only have I operated spacecraft simulators, I used my mad programming skills to create some of them.


The recipient of the rocket scientist badge should have earned these along the way.


I and II were the typical youthful playing around. III may be iffy – I was using liquid oxygen (which is pretty close to LN2 temps) and I was more interested in the “exothermic badge” than freezing, but I was fascinated to see the freezing part.


I own a telescope and enjoy viewing the sky, for the rest… Avast,  give me lots of rum matey and maybe I’ll talk about them.

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Way back when, I designed and built some robots for a few companies.

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5 Comments on “Badges”

  1. Randall Clague Says:

    Astronaut Level II specifies that one has been in a spacecraft. Do you suppose the category is flexible enough that one could claim the badge for being aboard a non-spacecraft rocket vehicle in flight?

  2. David Masten Says:

    I think you could claim it. I’d support the claim.

  3. Dear Lord!

    How did I miss this blog until now? And how did I not know about these badges?!

    Is this what rocket scientists (and engineers) do with their free time?

    Hmmm, I begin to understand much, Mr. Masten. Oh yes, it’s alllll becoming clear to me now.

    • 中里 Says:

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      • 中里清隆 Says:

        デビッド マステン様へ 
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