Help! Favorite Charities?

As 2010 rolls in I find myself with a salary again. Woohoo! That also means I have a chunk of budget for charity giving. I figure this is as good a time as any to find out if there are charities that I am not aware of that should get some dollars from me.

Some baseline rules – I prefer the long term. As an example, for aid to less fortunate people I prefer organizations trying to build positive institutions and/or habits to organizations delivering food or other aid. “Give a person a fish and he eats for a day, teach a person to fish and he eats for life.” That sort of thing.

Another rule is that I do not wish to support any organizations that “encourage” religious beliefs as part of the aid. Likewise, organizations that encourage anti-science or are doing things that are empirically unhelpful are ruled out, such as “abstinence only” AIDS programs.

Here are the categories I want to support:

  • Science (as in doing science – SETI for example)
  • Education/science outreach
  • Disaster relief
  • Third world aid
  • Vaccination/health programs

Obviously, there will be a lot of category crossover, health and education are very important components of third world aid, for example.

So what are your favorites?


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4 Comments on “Help! Favorite Charities?”

  1. The Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society is a self-funded, Bay Area volunteer liquid fuel rocket engine development and test group. They’re working to develop and demonstrate technology that will allow significantly cheaper and more reliable access to space. The new engine they’re building will use high strength hydrogen peroxide and biodiesel (exhaust is CO2 and water), both are simpler and safer than existing propellents, and far more environmentally friendly.

    Visit them at for more information.

  2. David Brock Says:

    Stratofox is a true 501(c). We and not feeding the hungry but we do help educational institutions by providing technical and operational experience they don’t have so they can concentrate on the science. Look up Stanford’s Biolaunch program as an example.

  3. MLorrey Says:

    Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
    Immortality Institute
    One Laptop Per Child
    (I’d like to see something like OLPT or GlobalKids that was colorblind, these groups tend to blatantly ignore poverty stricken white kids as if a malnourished child of a single mother widowed by a coal mining accident in Appalachia is automatically a member of the oppressor class)

  4. I think the most important effort doing today for:
    – a rational moral code for peace and unity;
    – the tecnological method for built the Earth’s Garden Paradise for everyone;
    – to launch Humanity in the Cosmic adventure…

    is explained in the website

    We are trying to get the technological tools for experiments, while doing hard work searching for new data about Nature, as Matrix/DNA’s evidences or counter-evidences. Why not helping putting your solgan in the website?

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