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June 22, 2009


OOTSSOERAAAP has new badges.

My badges: (more…)



March 1, 2009

Trying to decide if I should join the Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physique. Or if they will even have me. In order to join I need to meet a few requirements:

– not opposed to alcohol.

Check, in fact I use a lot more alcohol than most people – it’s one of my favorite rocket propellants and a great cleaner. And every once in a while, if it is the right type and has the right impurities, I’ll put a bit down my throat.

– fond of IPCC reports (especially the pictures).

I’ve read a few. Check.

– mostly in agreement with the “truth.”

Umm, lets go over this in detail a bit later.

– into badges.


– grieving for the slow and miserable death of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Quoting a Monty Python sketch – “I’m not dead YET!” I refuse to grieve while there is yet hope. I’ll grieve when it is re-entering the atmosphere.

– possibly possessed of supernatural powers.

That previous hope will require supernatural powers on my part.

– not in the business of total world domination

How small minded are the people who are in the business of world domination. I’m in this for Solar System domination. 🙂 Check.

– committed to the constant and diligent presentation of science stories, be it to editors, producers, directors, educators, relatives and/or friends of various ilk, in an effort to lessen the gap that is this thing we call public scientific literacy.


OK, now that thruth bit,  here is the “truth“:

1. Cigarettes are bad for you.


2. Men and Women are equal.

No they are not. 1 does not equal i. But I suspect the author means that both should be treated equally in terms of rights and so forth, which I wholeheartedly agree with. Check.

3. Global Warming is real, and (by the way) it’s all our fault.

With minor reservations and nuances, which don’t fit in a short pithy statement. Check.

4. It’s not all relative.

May I introduce you to Messrs. Newton and Einstein? Whose principles of relativity appear to be pretty absolute. OK. Check.

5. Gin is better than Whiskey. Whiskey is better than Gin.

As long as we are all agreed that rum rules, good Russian vodka is awesome, and tequila is a Mexican mispronunciation of the English “To kill you”. Check.

6. Intelligent Design is wrong.

ID is not even wrong. Check.

7. Over consumption is a serious problem.

Ummm, overconsumption of alcohol can be a serious problem, overconsumption of certain other compounds by a person can be a serious problem. But if we are talking economics, there is no such thing as overconsumption in market oriented societies. See Julian Simon’s The Ultimate Resource.

8. The Millennium Development Goals are worthy.
9. Wilco is good, sometimes exceptional, but often inconsequential.
10. Shit happens (ditto for sex and death).
11. Creationism is silly. (also, see 6)

Check, check,check, and check.

12. SUVs are just stupid.

Not necessarily. But most use of SUVs and most models of SUV are. Mostly check.

13. It is always wiser to side with an overwhelming expert consensus than with a celebrity endorsement.
14. On the whole, disorder increases.

Check, check.

15. Science, for better or for worse, is all around.

When is it not for better? Check.

Well, I mostly agree with the “truth” and the one or two exceptions I take with the membership requirements are possibly acceptable. Maybe I should apply.